Never felt the rush to compete with contemporaries, or try to beat the competition during the rat race one lives in the city. Live fast, die young... well good luck with that. Our aim is to be in it for the long haul. Born and Raised in Amsterdam (back in the 80's) and inspired by the no-film school micro-budget self-financed Filmmakers from Cassavetes + Nouvelle Vague legends in the sixties, all the way to the pop-cultural minded Nineties guys like Kevin Smith, Tarantino or Robert Rodriguez, we always knew where to look when feeling lost. Thanks to their shared experiences (diaries, commentaries, interviews or books) these Filmmakers' stories and ways of life made us start to believe. Doing it yourself, from the gut and on a shoestring budget. Self-written stories and producing content with a trusted group of real friends.

After a decade of (international) experience in the fields of Drama, Documentary, Corporate and Own Projects as Filmmakers in different roles we are currently in pre-production on our feature film debut called "#" (2018). The tragic rise and fall of a group of friends in a city during one week of life and death. A contemporary tale of what goes up must come down... More info here:

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